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Season 2017 Talks and Lectures

What will we bring

with us?

Absolutely everything (see above for more details). At the same time if you have a couple of spare tables that will save us from having to unload ours. Other than that all we ask is a power socket, a cup of tea and some smiling faces!

   We have a full set of digital presentation equipment including screens, projectors and sound systems and can offer fully illustrated talks on a wide range of Natural History subjects. Our equipment is such that we can cope with venues from a small clubhouse to a cinema or large school hall. I travel extensively and have comprehensive cover of a wide range of subjects from Britain and Europe and many other of the World's wild places. The range of talks has been structured to suit General Interest Groups, Specific Interest Groups, Wildlife and Conservation Societies as well as Social Groups who require Speakers.

   I am normally travelling in the Spring/Summer season and so limit my talks to the period from 1st Oct to 31st March. That said I am happy to take short term bookings during the summer if I am here and a quick email will ascertain my availability.

( Whilst I am quite happy to take phone enquiries my travel schedule often means I cannot take your call or access my voicemail easily. If you are phoning and cannot get through to me first time round then please contact me by Snailmail or Email and your enquiry will be dealt with as promptly as possible as I have someone to monitor these communications in my absence.)

These are Wildlife talks for specialist groups

S1. Photographic Clubs and Societies.

S2. Talks for Day Centres and Care Homes

S3. Talks for Gardening and Horticultural Clubs

S4.  Special Talks for Fundraising Events

S5. After Dinner and Special Events

S6. Talks for Conservation based Societies and         Trusts

S7. Talks for Theatres and Large Venues

All talks are all presented in Full HD 16:9 Widescreen Format.

Multimedia Presentations

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